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COVID-19...A flame which ignited an information security revolution

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

COVID-19…The term we cannot escape. Since the beginning of the pandemic the World Health Organization has reported a steady and rapid increase in cyber-attacks. According to WHO, an estimated 450 emails and passwords from the organization were leaked to include associated individuals working to slow the spread of the pandemic.

There has been increased scamming and impersonating of organizations collecting and dispersing COVID-19 Response Funds. With attackers taking advantage of an uncertain situation people are becoming less trusting of what to do and organizations are losing effectiveness of programs to support those who need it. As days become weeks and weeks become months, how will the information security community respond? If there’s one thing we must do is provide expertise where needed and support small and large organizations without the expectation of large financial gain. Times such as these provide opportunities to show character, determination, and build trust in those who depend on us.

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